Mie Translation Services is one of the top leading translation agencies specialized in Chinese (Simplified/Traditional) and Japanese

Mie Translation Services commits to pursue highest quality of work and on-time delivery. We team up with native translators of the target languages and adapt a unique 3-step review process:

STEP 1Native translators perform the translation Corporate identification and copywriting services are also available.
STEP 2In-house or freelance translators cross-reference and proofread the translation done by native translators.
STEP 3Experienced and industry-focus translators of target languages conduct final review.

* We provide Transcreation services.
* Trados is also available.


Free Trial

  1. Free trial translation (no more than 300 words) is applicable only for new customers. You can send it to us in acceptable file format as described and we will translate it for you at no cost!
  2. Free trial is for serious inquiries only. The content for trial translation must be part of your original source file, and not to exceed 300 words.
  3. Free trial translation will be delivered via email only.


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